Filimin — Back My Friend John’s Kickstarter!

Filimin is a lamp that turns colors when you touch it and uses a cloud service to synchronize colors with its “group” of lamps anywhere in the world that has WiFi. John Harrison invented it last Christmas as a way for his family to maintain emotional contact across the continent and beyond — touch the lamp and it lights up in a new color to let your family see that you’re thinking of them before it eventually fades to black again.

I’ve already backed the project but it’s only 30% of the way to its $50,000 goal with 15 days to go. If it sounds interesting to you, too, please check it out, back the project, and help ensure that I end up getting my set. :-)

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  1. Daniel Correia says:

    Hey Keith,

    Since the blog seems to be dead, I just wanted to say that this site was a pretty pivotal part of my upbringing and decision to pursue an electrical engineering career – I remember many a saturday morning reading through the back catalog, reading about air conditioning anemometer hacks and cutting wire out of hotel room walls.

    Thanks for the electronics insight over the years.

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