Welcome, Make Readers!

Wednesday afternoon:

I never expected this kind of web traffic to my blog, and my current image hosting solution isn’t up to the job.

I’m mirroring right now; images should be back up within a couple of hours.

Wednesday evening:

Images for recent posts should be back up. The remaining images from 2007 are almost done mirroring to the new server, and earlier images will get mirrored if there’s still time while traffic load is still high.

Thursday morning:

Everything seems to be mirrored and working!

3 Responses to “Welcome, Make Readers!”

  1. fatlimey says:

    Loving the site. It’s great when “dry” subjects get written from a personal point of view. Letting the magic smoke escape? That’s my experience of electronics too! Keep up the good work.

  2. Mikey says:

    This is a little off track, but I’m looking for a very specific type of circuit/device and I’m unable to locate anything available “pre-made”.

    I’d like a device that connects inline to the speaker output(s) on my home stereo amplifier between the amp and the speakers that has led indicators that flash with the audio signal that passes through the speaker wire.

    We have outdoor speakers on our “B” channel of the amp. On many occasions, we forget to turn them off, and I’d love some type of indicator that would be on/flashing when the speakers are in use. This would remind us to turn them off.

    Any ideas how to build a device like this, or somewhere to go?

    Thanks for your assistance,

  3. Docent says:

    You may have more luck asking the question on some electronics forum, see
    edaboard.com or sci.electronics.design

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