Current Project Prototype Almost Done


Board layout is done, board is cut to size, drill files are converted to DanCAM format to drill at Joel’s house. I’ll print and iron on the etch resist after drilling. I’m going to try ironing on top-side “silk screen” like Cort’s been doing.

I drew the schematic in free EAGLE, but the board was too big to layout, so exported the netlist and imported to FreePCB. Substantially updated my eagle2pads netlist conversion utility, which I’ll be re-posting soon.

The FreePCB layout is so pretty, I just had to post it tonight.

Topics to cover after the board is made:

  • eagle2pads netlist conversion script updates
  • drill file selection and manipulation scripts and Makefile
  • custom etching tank
  • kits

2 Responses to “Current Project Prototype Almost Done”

  1. serge says:


    The url to Cort’s ironing top-side ”silk-screen” doesn’t work
    Could you suggest another link please




  2. Keith Neufeld says:

    Serge, I’m sorry to say that Cort lost his photo gallery during his upgrade from .Mac to MobileMe, and he doesn’t even know which photos were in it. It sounds like they’re not going to get reposted.

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