72G or Larger SCSI-2 Fast/Wide Hard Drives?

Anyone know where to find new, large-capacity SCSI-2 fast/wide hard drives? A computer I supported at a hospital a long time ago has a failing hard drive and I’m happy to assist with replacement but I’m not coming up with any sources for the hardware.

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  1. Jher says:

    Not new but the goodwill computer store in austin usually has used ones. I had a similar issue a while back and bought 5 of them. 3 worked. They have a website if i recall.

  2. John Laur says:

    It’s a long shot but you might have success running a SATA to SCSI interposer board such as http://www.addonics.com/products/adsalvd160.php

    The physical installation might be an issue though, and although LVD devices would normally work on an older bus, it could be a coin-flip. The good news though if it does work is you could pop a 128GB enterprise SSD in there and breathe new life into that old machine!

  3. Keith Neufeld says:

    Jher, that’s a great lead, but the Goodwill computer store doesn’t appear to list their inventory online nor accept remote orders. If you happen by there within the next couple of days, though, I’d be interested in hearing what they have.

  4. Keith Neufeld says:

    John, that’s a fairly high cost for an experiment. Enticing if it would work, though — and I’d love to put a mirrored pair of 128G drives into that Microchannel architecture machine …

  5. Zack Williams says:

    I’ve used an IDE version of the Addonics/ACARD converter that John mentioned in an external drive case. Worked great with an older proprietary video editing system.

    If you can use external storage, a converting RAID box like a Promise Ultratrak would be another option.

  6. Dale Chayes says:

    I had a similar problem with an ancient sonar that used 1 GB SCSI drives….. I spent way too much time looking for an exact fit. The short answer is “bigger is probably okay”, just partition it so that the first partition is the size the system is looking for……

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