Robot Throwdown!

I was joking around with a coworker asking how soon he was going to switch a Unix server to use LDAP for login authentication instead of the local password file, and after seeing my two-wheeled balance ‘bot crash and dive yesterday, he replied:

When a two-wheeled balancing robot scoots into my office and tells me to do so!

Then after I asked whether he was willing to commit to that promise, he backpedaled and followed up with:

I sense trickery, either that or motivation to expidite the process.

Just in case I better clarify, lest some off-the-wall intrepretation of the rules takes place.

I, Garrett Marks, will enable LDAP authentication on zion for system accounts when,

A two wheeled, self powered, balancing robot enters my office under its own power (the door may be held open for the poor fella) and audibly asks me to “enable ldap authentication on Zion, please” via some sort of electronic powered sound producing system (no it can’t just hand me a post-it note). The robot must be assembled by Keith Neufeld.

And later, another caveat:

A1: The robot must be standing upright when it delivers its request.

Okay, Garrett; you’re on!

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