Replacement Headphone Cables?

I have a whole box of what I believe to be moderate- to high-quality over-the-ear headphones with worn-out, shredded cords.

Anyone know a source for replacement headphone cables, preferably straight (not coiled) with 1/4″ plugs, and absolutely with supple cable and alreadying Y-ing out to both ears? 6′ cable would be okay and 10′ would be fantastic.

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  1. John Laur says:

    Depending on the value proposition you are after, buying some junkpile $1 headphones like the kind they give away on airplanes and taking a pair of scissors to them may get you what you’re after.

    Haha but you said 1/4″ so you are after the real deal, huh? Sennheisers and other studio brands actually have replaceable cables by default; you could probably just use one of their replacement cables to get what you need. They are kind of pricey though. The cheapest I could find without taking too much time is around $15:

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