Finding a Picture That I Took Used on eBay

It is a bit surprising to follow a link from an eBay saved search and find a picture that I took.

Liebert UPS battery cable

The original is in this post from 2011.

I have no CC notices posted for the whole site (though I’d be happy to); but of course the Berne Convention provides for automatic copyright upon creation and publication of a work, so this is a blatant copyright violation.

Regardless, why is an eBay seller with only 110 feedbacks (vs one who does business on a scale of 110,000) too lazy to take their own picture of what they claim to have for sale?

8 Responses to “Finding a Picture That I Took Used on eBay”

  1. Arvydas says:

    I used to bother about copyright of my images. I even used to put watermarks on them, but now I don’t care. It’s just not worth the time when the information changes on the internet so quickly. I’m even flattered that ppl find my content and use them.

  2. JD says:

    Looking at the quality of the photo of the seller’s other current item for sale, I’d say that he used your photo because it is of significantly better quality than what he has the skills to create himself.

  3. Kevin Groce says:

    EBay refused to take down my images before. Hard to get them to drop them from my experience. Even with a watermark.

  4. Bob Fenichel says:

    Use on your posted images, and you will start to see just how frequent image piracy is. For my experience, see I wish I could be as philosophical about it as Arvydas.

  5. florinc says:

    I found one of my pictures (of the Wise Clock kit) used on etsy, with no relationship to the seller’s product. Now I am seriously thinking of taking some action.

  6. Thomas says:

    If he’s scraping the image as a link from your site (using your hosted instance of the image), drop a replacement image in there for a while with something humorous on it to mess with him and his potential customers.

    If he downloaded and re-uploaded the image, then no harm done really. I’m more surprised that he’s got something so specific on EBay.

  7. Keith Neufeld says:

    Thomas, this resized image is hosted on eBay.

    I have previously done some Apache-fu to provide a custom message to people who view a site that abusively embedded my hosted images in their pages.

  8. cyrozap says:

    Since the image is hosted on eBay’s servers, could you send them a C&D? That would get the listing taken down pretty quickly.

    Or, of course, you could always send a message to the seller and politely ask that they either give attribution or remove the image.

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