Voron 2.4 Build — Heat-Set Inserts

Heat set threaded inserts for 3D-printed parts

The printed Voron parts make extensive use of threaded brass heat-set inserts. I’d installed a few before using my regular soldering iron; but with as many as I need to do on the Voron, I sprung for a cheap brass insert tip made to fit low-end Weller and Hakko soldering irons. Since I didn’t have any low-end Weller soldering irons, I also sprung for one of those.

The heat-set tip is a loose fit into the inserts so that it doesn’t drag them back out of the plastic, therefore it doesn’t at all pick up the inserts off the table. After thinking through some bad ways to get the inserts onto the heated tip, the perfectly workable approach is to set the inserts onto the workpiece, spear them in place with the iron, straighten, let them heat up, and let just the weight of my hand slowly sink them into the plastic.

3D-printed parts with heat set threaded inserts before and after sanding displaced plastic

The process does displace plastic around the pilot hole and raise it above the level of the surface. So (left) I’m being careful to sink the inserts down until they’re flush with the original surface and (right) I take a few passes on the 180-grit sandpaper to remove the resulting volcanic cone.

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