Voron 2.4 Build — Actual AB Motor Orientation

So actually the AB stepper motors need to be installed with their connectors facing each other, toward the center of the back plane of the printer. The 2.4r1 instructions don’t mention this at all; the 2.4r2 instructions mention it clearly.

Voron 2.4 3D printer B block

If you installed them with the connectors facing out the back, especially if you did that based on my earlier and now corrected misinformation, be apprised that you can correct them merely by loosening the AB belt tensioners on the front of the printer, removing the three long M3 screws that go all the way through each of the blocks into the steppers, rotating the steppers in place, and reassembling.

If you know someone who’s a dope and already took the top off of the A or B block, spilling precious towers of bearings and washers, let them know that it’s even easy to recover from that. Remove both AB steppers from their blocks to get lots of slack in both belts; hold long M4 machine screws up from below through the bearing positions and rebuild the towers; nudge the belts out of the way of plastic parts; put the lid back on; and push the M5 machine screws down through the bearing stacks, pushing the temporary M4s out of the way as you go. I mean as they go.

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