Project Idea: Flash Subliminals

(Originally sent to the class mailing list)

Here’s a project to carve up single-use cameras and make their flash project a very short message through the lens onto a surface:

If this actually works, it could be kinda interesting to have in the gallery. And I have a box of these at home that I could contribute.

Question for someone who knows ShiftSpace: Would there be somewhere we could have a light-colored wall (or projector screen), dark lighting, and a box sitting in front of it that randomly flashes messages onto the wall?

Question for everyone: Let’s say we could have four different frames, sequenced somewhat randomly. The flash will be so quick, you won’t be able to see the images long enough to read or distinguish them consciously–if words, say a limit of ten letters; if images, then something simple. What messages or images would you like to project?

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