I Bought a Bus

For years, I’ve been enthralled with the idea of buying an old schoolbus, ripping out the seats, and converting it approximately into an RV. While in college, I thought it should have a B/W darkroom and that I should cross the country taking and printing photos; but today film is out of fashion and I’d rather it have an electronics laboratory (that’s “la-BOHR-a-tree”).

Converted schoolbus, left front

My dream appears to be taking shape in reality. Last week I won an auction for a half-converted former schoolbus previously owned by a university athletics fan and used as a tailgate bus. It already has the seats removed, potable and waste water tanks plumbed, and many other interesting “features.”

I’ve started a new schoolbus conversion blog to describe the project. I’ll cross-post to the electronics blog only when work pertains to electronics; so if you’re interested in the schoolbus conversion in general, you should subscribe to that blog separately.

Posts will be relatively infrequent as I expect the projects to be larger and take longer.

4 Responses to “I Bought a Bus”

  1. John Laur says:

    Haha I’ll have to ask my brother if he’s ever seen that bus – he is a recent K-State graduate, and thanks to that I am a proud owner of an official “Power Towel” – google it if you want to see something stupid.

    I’m eager to see your progress; a couple buddies and I bought a short bus quite some time ago with the delusion of doing something similar – we demo’d the inside and took all the windows out before the project just kind of hit a dead end. Our bus had been appropriated by a small town’s fire and rescue staff, and as such came with a full compliment of emergency flashers, studded tires, and perma-heat — Fun!

  2. Bryan says:

    cool stuff, I will get one oneday but my dream is an old VW van. Maybe once I move out west.

  3. Adam says:

    I take it you have seen this:
    Its a great build writeup to each detail, it came out really well I think. I enjoy your blog.

  4. Keith Neufeld says:

    Adam — yes, I’ve seen Jake’s conversion, and I love it! Not for me, because he packed things in and made them immobile so it looks like there’s no room to do anything but sleep, cook, and eat; but he did a fantastically great job. He’s already linked from my bus blog.

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