LED Clock: Escalating Resistor Dispute

As I haven’t heard anything from Best Hong Kong in the week since my last email to them, I assume they’re not planning to get back to me. I just escalated my dispute to a claim, with this notation:

I picked this auction out of various LEDs offered for sale in part because it advertised my choice of free resistors; and I was very careful to follow the seller’s instructions during checkout to specify which resistors I wanted (which I notice they don’t deny).

I would really prefer to have the seller ship me the resistors I specified, completing the auction. However, as I can buy the same resistors (220-ohm 1/4 watt) through Digi-Key (a widely known mail-order catalog) for as low as $5.40 plus shipping, I guess I’d be willing to accept a $6 refund.

Since the error in sending the wrong resistors was made entirely by the seller, and if they’re really not willing to send me the right ones, I don’t see why I should be willing to accept a lesser refund than what it will cost me to replace the resistors from an alternate source. Any other outcome means that the seller’s error costs me money, which doesn’t seem appropriate.

PayPal’s system displayed this confirmation message:

A claim has been filed against this transaction. The seller’s deadline for responding to this claim is . The seller has the option to provide a full refund for the amount of the transaction, offer a full refund if the item is returned in its original condition, offer a partial refund in an amount you agree to, provide proof that a refund was already issued to you, or disagree with your claim. If the seller does not respond by the deadline, the claim will be decided in your favor. You may cancel this case at any time by clicking “Cancel” below.

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