St. Louis Arch

St. Louis Arch between buildings

We left The Old Spaghetti Factory to go find the Arch, turned left, and there it was.

St. Louis Arch

From the direction we were approaching, the moment we broke through the trees in the surrounding park, we were already too close to the Arch to capture the whole thing in a single photograph.

St. Louis Arch

I did like the glint of sunlight at the top against the cloudy early evening sky.

Tram car in the St. Louis Arch

We got tickets to ride to the top and Abby, Katie, and I (3 people) crammed (crammed) into a tiny egg-shaped capsule with five seats (5 seats). Left, Abby, fascinated by the proceedings. Center, Katie, claustrophic. Right, me, acrophobic, next to the glass window looking down into the hollow arch. Quite a team, we are.

St. Louis Arch viewing area

The viewing area at the top is spacious enough and it sure seems sturdy … but leaning onto the lower walls to peer straight down out the windows was kinda creepy. Also all of the windows taste like snozzberries.

View to the west from the St. Louis Arch

The view to the west: 6M 25M

St. Louis Cardinals stadium

A game was about to be canceled by weather and the Arch was an enticing vantage point on a full stadium. 7M 32M

St. Louis Arch infrastructure

Here’s some of that looking-down-into-the-hollow-Arch I was talking about. The ride down was mostly stairs I can handle, platforms I can handle, dark doesn’t bother me, and then suddenly whoosh that’s a long ways down!

St. Louis Arch construction model

When we arrived we’d been in a hurry to catch the next tram up; but after our trip to the top, we looked around at the construction information. This model shows how the Arch was completed — the two sides built independently with cranes riding up the outsides, lifting each section to be welded and the gap between double walls filled with concrete; then the last piece hurriedly lifted into place because one leg was expanding in the sun.

St. Louis Arch floodlight

Outside, one of the floodlights that illuminate it, with me for scale. It was getting dark enough I was half expecting it to turn on and give me grill marks.

Kiener Plaza, St. Louis, Missouri

We walked westish to Kiener Plaza with its kid-friendly stepped fountain.

Kiener Plaza, St. Louis, Missouri

It felt darker than this and I love optical image stabilization in my camera.

The Old St. Louis County Courthouse and Arch from Kiener Plaza

One last look at the Arch behind the Old County Courthouse before walking back.

St. Louis Eads Bridge

From the scene of the high water, Eads Bridge is lovely at night.

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