Cleaned It. What Now?

Rotary crank telephone, dirty

People bring me the most wonderful things!

Rotary crank telephone, cleaned

Anyone have a favorite plastic polish?

Old telephone handset

I suppose I should build a VoIP phone system and get an analog terminal adapter, eh?

3 Responses to “Cleaned It. What Now?”

  1. ducksauz says:

    You sure that’s not bakelite?
    It looks old enough that it might be.

    You might want to check out for some polishing tips.

  2. Derek Arnold says:

    Definitely bakelite. I have a whole bunch of these, and love each and every one :)

  3. Ben Wynne says:

    I’d make it bluetooth! I did a similar thing with a GPO telephone (black bakelite) I’ll have the write up soon.

    I use it as a hands free for my mobile when at home. Does your unit still have bells in it?

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