Does Used Tinnit Ever Work?

The board being too long for my Pyrex dish and the overlap in the middle notwithstanding, this dull, mottled finish is typical of what I get every time I use TInnit other than the day I mix it.

PC board after tinning in used Tinnit

The precipitate never re-dissolves; and I’m guessing that the salts sitting directly on the board are what cause the mottling.

I find this curious, as I mixed this batch only two weeks ago, when it worked noticeably better than this … although now that I mention it, I think even then it produced duller results than it has in the past. Perhaps I exceeded the shelf life of the unopened package, so perhaps I’m being unduly hard on the Tinnit; but I’ve had the same problem before.

PC board after tinning in Tinnit and wet-sanding

I’ve been having good luck lately with scouring pads to shine up the boards; but tonight I had to resort to wet-sanding. Turned out fairly well.

No, that’s not how I typically lay out circuit boards.

Yes, I’ll be posting a lot more about what I’ve been doing for the last month as soon as Steve and I get his sculpture delivered to the gallery before 17:00 tomorrow.

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