Well, it’s time for another round of John Harrison’s Technology: Art and Sound by Design class–and oh by the way, this time I’m co-teaching. John’s doing the hard parts (course vision, blogs, wikis, etc.), and I’m doing the technology lessons for a while.

We’re calling them “Thing a Week,” sort of like another Thing a Week series you might have heard of, only different. On Monday and/or Wednesday, we introduce a technical topic, Friday we build it in the lab, and then next Monday we show it off.

So here’s the first one–me soldering up a LogoBoard, a carrier board for the LogoChip, designed by Tom McGuire.

Thing 1: LogoBoard Assembly (may move to here)


Funny how a 15-minute soldering job turns into two and a half hours when you stop after every part to take pictures. :-)

2 Responses to “LogoBoard”

  1. gary lee wilson says:

    i am building electric mopeds, would this work for me? and how can i get one

  2. Keith Neufeld says:

    Gary, you’ll probably be much happier with the level of support and example code for an Arduino, available from Adafruit and SparkFun, among others. Each of these also sells the Arduino in several different form factors; so you can get the larger board for developing on your workbench, and then a smaller one when you’re ready to build it into something.

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