Parting Out an Optoma EzPro 610H Projector

I just disassembled a dead Optoma EzPro 610H projector from Jeremy, to look for a polarizing filter to fix my InFocus LP290 and see if Marsh Ray can fix a Sony VPL-PX15. The filters from the Optoma look to be about the right size for my InFocus, so I’m excited to think I may be able to get it working again 100%.

Meanwhile, I ended up with a whole bunch of parts I don’t need, some of which might be useful for repairing other EzPro projectors. I’d like to offer these to anyone who could use them, for whatever you think they’re worth plus the cost of shipping. If you’re interested in any of these, see below for instructions.

Update 06-May

Jeremy says:

Had power indicator lights, but bulb would not light. Replaced bulb, same deal.

So the problem is likely in one of the logic boards (microprocessor not responding to sensors that say it’s okay to power up the lamp) or power supply boards.

Available Parts

Projector lamp

Projector lamp. Sold. I don’t know whether it works, I don’t know how many hours of use it has, and I don’t have any way to test it. I believe lamp failure is not what killed the projector.

Projector lamp power supply

Lamp power supply. I don’t know whether it’s good and I don’t have any way to test it; but it’s modular enough, if you suspect it’s what’s wrong with your projector, it’s worth trying.

Interlock switch

Lamp service panel interlock switch. Not very exciting . . . but handy if, um, mice have been living inside your projector.

Three projector cooling fans

Three cooling fans that mounted to the optical housing: rear left, right, and bottom.

Two projector cooling fans

Two cooling fans that mounted to the case: bottom and front.

Projector input panel

Video input panel and associated PCBs.

Projector control panel

Top control panel and attached PCB.

Projector LCD panels

All three LCDs are available, removed from the prismatic lens thinger on the left and without polarizing filters. I removed the red LCD (right) from its mounting frame (further disassembled than it is here) before I found where the polarizing filter was (elsewhere), so it needs some RTV reapplied to hold it firmly in its frame. This will be obvious upon inspection.

Projector book, handle, and remote control

Owner’s manual. Sold. Carrying handle. Remote control that looks slightly different than what’s in the book but has the same part number. Sold.

NOT Available Parts

I’m NOT giving out the following, so don’t even ask:

  • Any of the optics. I think they’re unlikely to be damaged in anyone else’s projector, I think they’d be difficult to replace and realign successfully if they were damaged, and I think they’re kinda cool to hang onto.
  • The projector’s main board and main power supply board. I think they’re too likely to have been the source of the problem with this projector, and I’m just going to harvest them for components.
  • The last polarizing filter. I’m going to hang onto it for a rainy day.

How to Make a Request

If you’re interested in anything from here, post a comment below indicating what you want, what it’s worth to you, and what your ZIP code is. Make sure you enter your email address correctly on the comment form, because that’s how I’m going to contact you.

Then add my email address, neufeld at this domain, to your address book or whitelist. Because I have an unusual domain name and because I run my own email server, a lot of email from me ends up in people’s spam folders. I will only email you once. If you want something from me, make sure you receive that email.

I’ll contact you shortly to let you know whether I still have the item, and how much shipping will cost. You PayPal me the cost of shipping only, and I’ll send you the item. When you get it, if it works, you PayPal me whatever you think it’s worth. If it doesn’t work, you send it back at your expense and I’ll add it to my junk pile.

21 Responses to “Parting Out an Optoma EzPro 610H Projector”

  1. Thomas Kilbride says:

    Hey man, can I get the lamp power supply off’a you? I’ll take it for like $15…

    My zip code is 98685

  2. Keith Neufeld says:

    Emailed Thomas May 25 and got no reply, so the lamp power supply is still available.

  3. Keith Neufeld says:

    “Out of darkness, cometh light.” Lamp and remote send to Wolverhampton, England, with an apropos city council motto.

  4. garry says:

    anything left?

  5. Keith Neufeld says:

    Garry, everything not crossed out is still available.

  6. Colt says:

    So.. does $15 sound good for the lamp Power supply? ANYTHING in particular you looking for ? I have tons of stuff, you just never know.

  7. Keith Neufeld says:

    Colt, $15 is fine. Email me your shipping address and I’ll fetch it from storage and send it to you. If you want to wait until you get it to see if it works before paying, that’s fine — just please do still pay shipping if it turns out it doesn’t work.

    It’s hard for me to think of anything specific I’m looking for. If you want to describe what you have in broad categories, it certainly might spur ideas, and I’m amenable to barter if the right stuff comes up.

  8. Rick McKay says:


    Need the largest of the 3 lamp housing fans, the SUNON 12V 2.6W one. I’ll give you $15 for it.

    Zip 14227

  9. Keith Neufeld says:

    Rick, email me a shipping address and I’ll get it on the way.

  10. Rick McKay says:

    Rick McKay
    120A Garden Village Dr
    Apt 2
    Cheektowaga NY 14227-3311

  11. mal says:

    hi i am looking for mp610 main board for benq projector .do sell this and how much does it cost.tq…

  12. Keith Neufeld says:

    Mal, what you see here is all I have — parts from one broken Optoma.

  13. Arron Smith says:

    I’m curious about the ‘prismatic lens thinger’ that the LCDs are (were?) attached to… Back in the day, I used to have to poke 3 chip broadcast cameras, which use what we call dichroic blocks (although Wikipedia refers to them as ‘color-separation beam splitter prisms’, which is much cooler). The neat feature is that the optical path through the block is the same for each colour component, such that focus is retained for each colour component.

    I assume that the prismatic lens thinger is the exact same thing backwards. I sense that I’d get into trouble if I dismantled the nearest projector to verify this. Would it be too much of an imposition to request more details?

  14. Keith Neufeld says:

    Arron, I’ll send you the thinger if you give me a shipping address and promise to blog (or do Flickr with comments, or come back and paste comments here) your investigation of it and a fuller description of what it’s about. You can even keep it afterward.

  15. irlandes says:

    Good blog. My SIL is trying to fix a man’s Sharp Projector. The man paid some knucklehead $130 plus a new $450 bulb, and when he got it back, it wouldn’t turn the bulb on. My SIL looked it over, and discovered some bad connections. He fixed them, then the bulb would turn on then shut off.

    He took out the small PS board that supplies HV to the bulb.

    On the supply voltage pins was a diode, which measured open as compared to an ordinary diode, but has a name we can’t find, something like T2d33. He thinks he will try a new diode, a general diode, and hope it works. If it’s a zener, well…

    The only reason I am posting a comment here is to tell you, we started by looking to see what the parts on the board were. We found the PWM chip, and he identified a Toshiba microprocessor chip, 87c409bmg,and wondered what it was doing on a PS board.

    Here right in your blog was the answer: looks at sensors to know when it is okay to turn on the bulb.

    Cool!!! Thanks!

  16. Arya Tewatia says:

    This is to irlandes or anyone else who can help:
    I believe i have the exact same problem. What do i do about it?
    Please help as i have been getting nowhere with this projector.
    My email is
    Thank you very much.

  17. irlandes says:

    I sure can’t help much beyond what I wrote about the open diode. We are wondering if lightning hit the wiring or something, and only took out that diode. Just a thought, though, but there is no obvious reason for a diode to simply go out.

    I Googled a lot, and though it was a different brand, several people claimed on one of the projector power supplies, the big filter capacitors fail from being left hot in standby over long periods of time, and they may show bulging. Several people said they replaced them all, and it fixed it, not sure if it was the same PS or not.

    That, at least the one we looked at, is a complex board with a microprocessor on it. That is hard to troubleshoot, at least without a software listing. Apparently the microprocessor decided when to turn the bulb on.

  18. Arya Tewatia says:

    Thank you very much irlandes.

  19. John McGowan says:

    I need a manual for this 610h projector. Do u still have this?

  20. Keith Neufeld says:

    John, the manual is crossed out and marked sold. I assume that means I don’t still have it.

  21. Spence says:

    Just curious if you had any type of schematic for this product. I aquired one from an auction and the bulb is fine it powers on and displays the screen but it has like a duplicate of everything slightly shifted to the right(or left) and i know its something internal because I also noticed it on the boot screen for the projector (the ctx logo). if you have any thoughts or schematics please feel free to email me.

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