Weird Stuff from Work

The Operations group at work is cleaning house, and they’re finding some odd things tucked away.

Multi-line phone breakout

Amphenol connector (male on one side, female on the other), an RJ-11 jack with two wires pinned, and a five-position (plus off) rotary switch. I’m assuming this went inline between a 25-pair cable and a key system telephone, to attach an answering machine to a line of your choice.

Real nice metal box, rotary switch, and lovely clunky knob.

And then this pretty much speaks for itself:

Wire splint box, front cover

Wire splint box, back cover

Wire splint

The wire mesh looks like it was dipped through a solder bath to hold it together.

Let’s just say I hope I’m never in a mine and get a fractured arm.

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  1. Eric says:

    Last time something like this happened at work, I came away with 200 never used BNC crimp style connectors :-)

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