“Trash” from Cluster Computing Install

After installation of the most recent rack of cluster servers at work, the high-performance team left a box of “trash” sitting around. Mel from Operations thought I might be interested and brought it to me, and he guessed right.

The box had all the usual detritus from the installation of new computers — manuals that I put in recycling instead of the landfill, warranty cards, used twist ties . . . and this:

In bags

Lots of plastic baggies containing things looking vaguely interesting.

Opened and sorted, I have:

Coils of remote LED indicator cables

Closeup of remote LED indicators

23 LED remote indicator assemblies with bicolor orange/blue LEDs at one end of 4′ cables and barrel connectors at the other,

Rackmount cable management clips

Lots of plastic guides to clip into the corner of a cable management piece and hold a cable in position, complete with installation instructions!,

Rack brackets and screws and feet

A pair of rackmount ears that I can modify to fit my refurbished 1U rackmount APC UPS, a very nice set of rubber feet that I think will replace the missing originals on my secondhand Akai Headrush delay/looping pedal, and a bunch of M5 machine screws for rack rails I don’t have.

Not bad for free.

2 Responses to ““Trash” from Cluster Computing Install”

  1. William says:

    I have a pile of those Dell LEDs as well, but haven’t used them for anything yet. Free stuff like that is just too good to pass up. =)

  2. John Laur says:

    Dells, I see. FWIW those PSU cord clips have saved my ass a time or two; shame they didn’t use them, though they are useful at holding cables into right angle bends where you need them too.

    I usually end up with a big box of nice chunky 12ga power cords too, but I think you only get an ungodly number of power cords with redundant psu options.

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