Names for LED Driver

The LED driver board is nearing its final configuration (I need to convince EAGLE that the mounting hole has a hole in it; and don’t worry, those aren’t really the headers I’m using) and I’m about ready to send it off to be manufactured. But I’d really like to come up with a great name for it, to have silkscreened on the back side.

Rendering of LED driver PC board

I’d like something whimsical but which still relates to its function as an LED driver. Fun hobby electronics names I love: Adafruit, MintyBoost, BlinkM, SparkFun, MakerBot, and CupCake.

I’ve considered Illumerator, Illumifier, and variations Lumerator and Lumifier (which is probably TM and a bad idea). Whatever I settle on will have -3L appended, to distinguish this 3-string linear driver model from the -1S switching model I want to do next.

So I welcome suggestions for great names. I’ll be happy to send you a couple of drivers if you’re the first person to suggest something I end up using.

Warning: I don’t care for variations of my name that feel like they came from the “makin’ copies” sketch.

21 Responses to “Names for LED Driver”

  1. MikeS says:

    How about Kramden?
    An allusion to Ralph Kramden the bus driver in The Honeymooners.

  2. Nate says:


  3. MakerBlock says:


  4. Brian says:


  5. Kelvin says:

    I am thinking in the line of “LightBug”

  6. J. Peterson says:

    LEDrive comes (or maybe in French: LeDriver)

    Currento comes to mind for some reason.

  7. Gareth says:

    BrightN ?

  8. Gareth says:


  9. Newbie B says:

    CanDEL Driver

    Or CanLEDa Driver

    a play off of the unit candela for light intensity

  10. Adam says:


  11. Magnus Falk says:


  12. Rafael says:

    LedFly (from firefly) ;)

  13. cyrozap says:

    Call it LUM. Then, when you add the -3L to it, it can be called LUM-3L (LUMEL). It sounds like it has to do with light, and when you make your -1S version, you can call it LUM-1S (LUMIS). Having it all as one word makes it so you don’t have to say “(name)-dash-three-el” or “(name)-dash-one-es.”

  14. Keith Neufeld says:

    I add (for the sake of my own memory) EasyBright.

  15. John B says:


  16. Laen says:

    Firestarter? iStrain? Burnination?

  17. Laen says:

    ..As far as the hole is concerned.. What did you use to put it there? Is it a “large via”, or something else?

  18. Laen says:

    SmileBright? LEDerdriven? iBright?

  19. Simen says:


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