Need a Name for a New Site Feature

I have a lot of old electronics equipment that I thought I wanted to save at the time I got it but is of no particular use to me. I’d love to find new homes for it; some I’d give away for the cost of shipping and some I’d take offers.

I’m thinking about setting up a new area on my web server to post pictures of and information about things I have available, and I’d like a good name for it so I can link it as and, but I don’t know what that name should be.

I’d love to call it, but it won’t all be quite free. I don’t want to call it “store” because I’m hoping to turn a couple of my projects into kits soon and I’d like to reserve that name for information about the kits.

The best I’ve come up with so far is “fleamarket,” and I’m not wild about that.

Suggestions welcome. Free junk for the “winner.” :-)

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  1. Dave says:



  2. I’d go with warehouse, depot or clearinghouse

  3. Mark says:

    How about “recycle”

  4. John Laur says:

    The word you are looking for is surplus.

  5. jeanyves says:

    what about “garage” ?

  6. Tom says:

    What about “Swap Meet” or “Bits Bin?”

  7. Al says:

    keiths knackers yard?
    silicon afterlife?

  8. Eric says:

    How about “exchange”, or perhaps “recycling exchange”?

  9. Olle says:

    Equipment-Emporium Extraordinaire

  10. Justblair says:

    Not sure if it is a little derogatory, but what about midden?

    In Scotland it is a word that is in constant use, often used (by my better half) to describe my ever expanding and always disorganised stash of electronics!

    In the east end of Glasgow I have heard the term “Lucky Midden” used. The term “Lucky Midden” is a play on “Lucky Dip”

    Every week, on a set day the local council collects bulk refuse from the street. You know stuff like furniture, broken electrical goods and toys that have been outgrown by their owners. Typically the goods are put out the night before the collection.

    Kids and Adults alike regularly scavenge the discarded items. I once found a working Technics CD recorder and amplifier in a “Lucky Midden”

  11. Jared says:

    How about “junk box”

  12. Joel says:

    How about “stuff”, “things”, or even “treasure”? Easy to remember.

  13. Bill says:

    How about “bazaar”? That has a nicely exotic sound.

  14. Nick says:

    What about “Salvage” ?

  15. aaron says:

    giveaway? freebox? …hmm…

    barginbin..? (ooh…”rummagebin!”)


  16. Howard says:

    KeithsExtraInventoryTradingHomepage ( = K_E_I_T_H )?

  17. Telepath says:


  18. Henrik says:

    I like the ideas of salvage and recycle already suggested; or how about scrapheap (in line with the Discovery show)? Or going with an acronym; OMTAMT (One Man’s Trash, Another Man’s Treasure)?

    It’s a brilliant idea whatever you decide to call it. It goes well with the spirit of your blog – just because it’s old or even broken, doesn’t mean it should become landfill. I enjoy seeing how you repair and repurpose electronics.

  19. Owen says:

    How about grab bag?

  20. Bruce says:

    Recycle Bin

  21. Dan says:

    nerd stash
    geek heap

  22. William says:

    How about “the pile”? That is usually how mu stuff gets referred to by upper management (aka wife).

  23. How about “Keith Box” (you mentioned this on one of your other articles)

  24. aaron says:

    side observation:
    watch all us lurkers come out of the woodwork…. :) )

  25. Nate says:

    If you’re not adversely inclined to the French you could try Marche which means market. This word is used all over the world where French imperialists set up camp. Grande Marche means big market in most West African countries, I think of it as a fun version of Flea Market… In fact, you could probably buy most of the “junk” you’re getting rid of in a West African Grande Marche if you looked hard enough (Just keep your wallet out of sight no matter what you do, everything is “good price, you like?”).

  26. Al says:

    Awesome idea!

    “Free junk for the “winner.”” Say it like it is and call it

    Everyone involved in this hobby know what junk is, and that it’s great!

  27. SKareKrow says:

    How about E-junk or Gizmos

  28. Benjamin says:

    How about partyard ?

  29. Vic Fraenckel says:

    I’m thinking:


  30. Richard says:

    I suggest not reinventing the wheel for the stuff you’re not actually expecting offers for: is a giveaway project that seems like a lot of fun. Getting a grab-bag of electronics would be a blast!

  31. Keith Neufeld says:

    Richard, I’m familiar with TGIMBOEJ. Most (thought not all) of the equipment I’m talking about is considerably larger than the USPS flat rate priority mail boxes that TGIMBOEJ recommends.

  32. neilg98 says:

    Possible names:
    perfectly good junk
    ‘neu’ junk (pun intended)
    yours for the asking

    and so on and so on……

    All the best!

  33. Pat says:


  34. Brian says:


  35. Phil Combs says:

    How about “(Almost) Free for the Asking?,” abbreviated as AFFTA?

  36. Chris says:

    This one is easy, “”.

    Everybody knows the name, knows you get both free and stuff for sale on it, perfect fit :-)

  37. John Wilson says:

    You tagged it: salvage!

  38. Conrad Braam says:

    I go with John, Salvage.

  39. Inigo says:

    Keith’s Electronics Flood

  40. cort says:


  41. CBR says:

    How about thebox or partsbin?

  42. GOwin says:

    If you happen to be a Deadpool fan, how about “”?

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