LED Clock: Resistor Dispute Continues

Best Hong Kong:

We do preferred to send you $1 to close this dispute. The gift, which is not worth $1 and we did send you the 470ohm resistors already which is perfect for 12VDC power. if you want us to send the extra 220ohm, please close the dispute and we’ll do it.


I don’t know why you describe the resistors as a gift, because they were part of the auction listing, therefore part of the auction. And while they may be worth less than $1 to you, unfortunately it would cost me $6 to replace them from another source, so I don’t think it’s fair for you to describe their value as less than $1. Also, for what it’s worth, I’m not using 12V power, so the wrong resistors you sent don’t do me any good–that’s why I ordered 220-ohm resistors, which are what I need.

I’m trying to be reasonable and work with you to correct the mistake you made when you sent the wrong resistors, but I’m not willing to close the dispute until I receive the right ones. Again, if you do send the 220-ohm resistors, I will happily close the dispute as soon as I receive them.

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