LED Clock: Disputing Resistors

Here’s Best Hong Kong’s response to the dispute I opened with PayPal about the resistors not being the value I requested:

We can do 2 options. we refund you $1. or close the dispute and we’ll send you again, 100pcs of 220ohm resistors. by air mail. if you want a trackable shipment, you will need to pay $2.30 for registered air mail charge. if you want the resistors, please close the dispute and then email ken@besthongkong.com your address & a copy of my msg here. we’ll then send the resistor out in our next shipment. Regards, Ken Besthongkong.com

My reply:

I definitely want the replacement 220-ohm resistors–that’s exactly what I’m asking for, so thank you for offering.

But PayPal specifically says I can’t close the dispute until I receive the resistors:

“Likewise, if the seller is going to send a replacement item, don’t close the dispute until you have received it.”

So please go ahead and send them. I understand the overseas shipping will take a little while, and that’s okay; also, I don’t think trackable shipping is necessary. As soon as I receive the resistors, I’ll immediately close the dispute and leave you positive feedback on eBay for correcting the mistake promptly and courteously.

And the entire PayPal “Dispute Resolution and Tips” policy I’m citing:

When should I close this dispute?

Wait until you are 100% satisfied that the dispute is fully resolved before closing the dispute. A closed dispute cannot be re-opened or escalated to a PayPal claim, so before you close your dispute you should ensure that your concerns have been fully addressed. For example, if the seller is going to provide a refund, make sure that the funds are in your account before closing the dispute. Likewise, if the seller is going to send a replacement item, don’t close the dispute until you have received it.

Remember, a dispute will automatically close 20 days after the date it was opened. You should escalate a dispute to a claim if you haven’t fully resolved the issue within 20 days.

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