Da Vinci Machines Exhibition

Denver Pavilions mall

This morning we went downtown to Denver’s Pavilions mall to see the Da Vinci Machines Exhibition.

While waiting for the exhibit to open, we were serenaded by this pianist — quite talented — outdoors on the 16th Avenue Mall.

The Da Vinci Machines Exhibition is a realization in wood, metal, and canvas of numerous machines drawn by Leonardo Da Vinci. All of them are operable and many are hands-on.

A few of my favorites:

Da Vinci Machines Exhibition: catapult

Catapult with ratcheting tensioner

Da Vinci Machines Exhibition: anemometer

An anemometer, which though simple, is quantitative

Da Vinci Machines Exhibition: mechanical robot

All-mechanical animated figurine

Da Vinci Machines Exhibition: fastenerless bridge

My favorite — a bridge made of notched logs with no fasteners

Da Vinci Machines Exhibition: ball bearing

A bearing with captive balls

Da Vinci Machines Exhibition: post-raiser

My second-favorite — a machine for safely raising posts to vertical to drop into postholes

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