Rebuilt Brake Hoses

The bus being a mid-80s Chevy chassis, the theory is that the front right brake seized because the clamp that anchors the flex line rusts; the surface rust increases its thickness; the increased thickness decreases its interior diameter; the reduced ID squeezes the hose; and the squeezed hose passes high-pressure brake fluid from pressing the pedal but not as readily low-pressure brake fluid from the caliper’s return action.

Replacement hoses not available.

Rebuilt schoolbus brake hoses

Central States Thermo King to the rescue, again — remanufactured from scratch. $35 each. Hoses back to Neighbor Dan. Reinstallation promised for this weekend … and then he still has to check out the geyser from the reservoir.

Right, that’s another story.

<scrunches forehead really hard, squeezes eyes closed, clenches fists> I believe … I believe … I believe I will get to drive the bus again someday!

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