(Ancient) Disk Drive Heads

Lawrence’s son Jacob has been cleaning out their basement, and recently dismantled a TI disk drive about half the size of a washing machine — the kind where you load big cylindrical disk packs down into the center. They gave me a bunch of circuits from it to recycle, and I was intrigued by the disk heads.

TI disk drive heads

I grabbed them at first for the .1″ header connectors, and I was tickled by the spring armor around the wires, and then I decided I just liked the whole things.

TI disk drive heads, closeup

Enough to take a few pictures, anyway. But now I think it’s time to keep the wiring harnesses and ditch the rest.

Heh — if I got TGIMBOEJ, I’d throw some of these in. :-)

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  1. Dave says:

    There used to be quite a demand for good, used disk heads. Some ancient disk drives no longer have parts manufactured for them, and a disk crash can chew up a head. So, some system maintainers like to acquire replacement heads (from salvaged equipment) in order to ensure that their system can be kept operational.


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