Fargo’s Pizza: A Colorado Springs Tradition

Fargo's Pizza, Colorado Springs

Eating at Fargo’s Pizza is a Colorado Springs tradition in my family. I think it goes back to childhood visits; I know I have a photograph from 1987.

Fargo's Pizza, Colorado Springs: balcony

The pizza’s not super-awesome, but I love the old-timey pizza parlor, with balconies, rows of incandescent lights, staff in lacy dresses, and more.

Fargo's Pizza, Colorado Springs: view from balcony

More? Chandeliers, a player piano, carved statues, and your order number lighting up behind one of a pair of mirrors.

I mentioned to Liz that we were going there and she said, “I was just there! The random statues creep me out and I would die if I had to wear that much lace, but the food is decent. The five-year-old I was with was rather excited, so I just let her be enthusiastic for me.”

Whatcha tryin’ to say about me, Liz?

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