Rocky Mountain National Park: Trail Ridge Road

Today we entered Rocky Mountain National Park from the east, drove counterclockwise to the Grand Lake exit, had lunch, and drove back. The light in early morning and late afternoon didn’t give me good pictures in the eastern half of the park, so everything here is from the western region.

Rocky Mountain National Park: between Medicine Bow Curve and Milner Pass

Looking northwest from Trail Ridge Road just west of Medicine Bow Curve, probably at Specimen Mountain. I love having a vantage point to see the shadows of clouds on the ground.

Rocky Mountain National Park: yellow wildflowers

That section had the most roadside wildflowers.

Rocky Mountain National Park: white wildflowers

Are flies pollinators?

Rocky Mountain National Park: violet wildflowers

When your ancient digital camera’s autofocus is being uncooperative even though the camera is in macro mode, point down to the cluster of leaves so the whole field of view is at the same depth and the camera can resolve what you want, then point back up at the petals.

Rocky Mountain National Park: snow patch and cumulus cloud

Best friends.

Rocky Mountain National Park: Poudre Lake

Looking down into the Poudre Lake valley from the northeast.

Rocky Mountain National Park: fire west of Upper Beaver Meadows

Late afternoon on the way back out, we saw this fire west of the Upper Beaver Meadows area, complete with aerial and ground surveillance. The visitor center staff confirmed that it’s very small (it doesn’t take many green or recently-green conifers to make a lot of smoke) and it appears to be under control.

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