Class A Motorhome-Capable Overlooks in Rocky Mountain National Park

Trail Ridge Road through Rocky Mountain National Park is predominantly two-lane with no shoulders and frequently precipitous drops. Stopping on the road for photography (or for whatever reason) is prohibited; but in addition to visitors centers and campgrounds, the park offers relatively frequent pullouts with an extra lane beside the road; and viewing areas with small parking lots.

How many of them could accommodate a class A (bus-sized) motorhome?

Yesterday’s and today’s observations:

Most pullouts: Yes.

Bear Lake: The trailhead station has all angle parking, too short for a class A. I didn’t get a good look at the park and ride.

Moraine Park: Unless I was mistaking it for something else, it’s an RV park. And very large and very full. So, yes.

Rocky Mountain National Park: Many Parks Curve parking

Many Parks Curve: The westbound parking lot just northwest of the overlook appeared to be all angle parking and too short. The eastbound approach begins with parallel parking and could accommodate a motorhome if spaces are available.

Rocky Mountain National Park: Forest Canyon overlook parking

Forest Canyon overlook: Given two adjacent spaces to provide maneuvering room, I could back into the generously-sized north side of the parking lot and let the long back end overhang the boulders, leaving the front end protruding little further than a long van.

Rocky Mountain National Park: Alpine Visitor Center bus and RV parking

Alpine Visitor Center: Dedicated bus and RV parking.

Poudre Lake: Regrettably, no. All perpendicular parking and no reasonable parallel parking on the approaches. I would really like to park there on a future visit to hike the Poudre River Trail.

Timber Creek Campground: An RV + tenting campground, mostly empty today. Plenty of room.

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