Wilson Lake and Wilson State Park

Between Lucas and I-70, Highway 232 crosses the Wilson Dam and skirts the eastern end of Wilson Lake and Wilson State Park.

Wilson Lake, KS: spillway

After visiting The Garden of Eden in Lucas, we stopped for lunch at a scenic overlook by the northern tip of the eastern arm of the lake, just northwest of the dam, in the Lucas Park Recreation Area.

Wilson Lake, KS

The overlook was indeed scenic, providing a tranquil view of the northeast section of the lake.

Wilson Lake, KS: Hell Creek Bridge

After lunch, we continued south to the southeastern tip of the lake, turning in to cross Hell Creek Bridge into Wilson State Park.

Wilson Lake, KS: water's-edge paths and bluffs

The area is woven with walking trails and we went to the water’s edge to look into Kansas’s purported clearest lake,

Wilson Lake, KS: submerged flora

with submerged plants giving credence to the claim.

Wilson Lake, KS: rocks, flora, and water

I was particularly taken by the juxtaposition of sandy grasslands, jutting red rock, and clear water.

Wilson Lake, KS: layers at the water's edge

Who knew Kansas hath such splendor?

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