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Wanted: An EPROM Programmer that Works on a Mac

Friday, December 28th, 2012

And Linux. And old, high-programming-voltage EPROMs. And USB, naturally. If you know of such a thing, give me a shout in the comments — I can’t find any on Google, and I find plenty of links to other people who also couldn’t find them.

6502 Microprocessor, Apple ][, and Asteroids

A couple of weeks ago, I went to an annual holiday lunch with former coworkers and got to visit with an old friend. He was reminiscing about 6502 assembly programming on the Apple ][ and wondered whether I'd know where he could get one. I told him that I could probably loan him one or two; but (with a mischievous glint in my eye) that I have a couple of upright Asteroids arcade games and they run on 6502s and I’ve always wanted to reprogram one and write my own game.

Bump, set, spike. Yeah, he’s interested.

It’s not a completely impractical idea. I have a large schematic set that includes the addressing of the memory-mapped I/O and some rudimentary information on the operation of the vector generator board. There’s even a project to comment the disassembled ROM, which would give further hints about how to interface to the hardware.

If one were to undertake such a project, one would really like to use a USB-attached EPROM emulator so one could dump new code into the machine frequently and rapidly for testing and development. But at a bare minimum, one would need a stack of EPROMs and a programmer and ideally a ZIF-socket daughterboard to fit into the original EPROM socket and make it easy to swap EPROMs. As I have no Windows machines and do my electronics development on a synchronized fleet of Mac and Linux machines, a commercial EPROM programmer that I can use is going to be a little bit hard to come by.

Yes, I could run Windows under virtualization on my Mac; I think I may even be able to get a legal copy through my campus’s license agreement. But I’m not interested in going that direction unless I have to.

Isn’t it about time the world had a cross-platform EPROM programmer?

New Arrival

Monday, September 3rd, 2012


Yes, it is what it looks like.

I’m the second owner.

It hasn’t been powered on in 36 years.

I’ll post more pictures as I share the story and test it carefully to make sure it’s safe to power on.