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0.6-mm Nozzle for Faster Printing

Tuesday, September 7th, 2021

I recently brought home a trio of Ender 3 Pro printers needing a little love … that’s a story for another day. But this weekend I put a 0.6-mm nozzle on one of them for doing faster draft prints. Let’s see about some PrusaSlicer settings to take advantage of that.

Draft of a wall holder for a chef’s knife:

  • 9h12m for Prusa MK3S, 0.20-mm layers
  • 11h13m for Ender 3 Pro, 0.20-mm layers
  • 4h22m for Ender 3 Pro with the 0.6-mm nozzle

4h22m print on Ender 3 Pro with 0.6-mm nozzle

Okey dokey, what do we need to do to configure to use a 0.6-mm nozzle?