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Arduino Quadrature Encoder Library

An Arduino library for reading multiple quadrature encoders. Each is instantiated as an object, so usage is extremely simple:

#include "Quadrature.h"

Quadrature myencoder1(9, 10);  //  Connected to pins 9 and 10
x = myencoder1.position();

The library includes support for enabling and disabling minimum and maximum values (e.g. to make a volume control that goes from 0-9) and for changing the current position (e.g. to reset all settings back to defaults).

The library uses the TIMER2 interrupt service routine to read the encoders fast enough to avoid losing steps for encoders being turned by humans. TIMER2 settings may need to be changed in order to read encoders on motors or other mechanically-driven mechanisms; this is a likely future enhancement.


To install, copy the zip file to your Arduino installation’s hardware/libraries directory, then unzip it. Once installed, you can view sample sketches from your Arduino console’s File / Sketchbook / Examples / Library-Quadrature menu.

Free Circuits

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