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Repairing a Bad Horsie 2 Wah Pedal with Power Damage

Wednesday, July 7th, 2010

Bad Horsie 2 wah pedal

I recently ran across on Craigslist a

Bad horsie 2 that was plugged into the wrong power supply and messed up, and needs some minor electronic work.

I was intrigued by the challenge (I’m such a sucker for broken things, dang it) and bought it. When the seller and I exchanged the pedal for my cash, he remarked that he read on a forum that it probably just needed a resistor changed, and that if I were handy with a soldering gun I could probably do it myself.

Uh huh. Resistor.

Let’s dig in.

Bad Horsie 2 wah pedal circuit board

The circuit board has a hole in the top for a foam battery “cage” attached to the enclosure, something clever that I haven’t seen before. And it had no obviously damaged components.