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Folder Structure Standardization and Unison for File Synchronization

Tuesday, February 16th, 2010

We’re smart, electronics- and computer-savvy folks, right? So why is it that when I’m trying to figure out which of my computers a particular EAGLE project is on, I have to envision where I was sitting:

  • couch or kitchen == iBook or MacBook
  • home office == workstation
  • work is unlikely but == work computer

and about how long ago it was:

  • more than a year == iBook
  • less == MacBook

? Shouldn’t all of my files be available to me wherever I am? Why should I have to guess and look around and always have them in the wrong place?

Oh, sure, when I upgraded from the iBook to the MacBook, I could have used Migration Assistant to copy everything over; but it seemed like a great time to declutter, organize, and start fresh. And it was, until I didn’t get around to the organizing part and needed EAGLE files I hadn’t brought over yet. Like, now.

I’ve been home sick from work today yesterday and today, and during the parts that I was awake I got files synced across my different platforms. I haven’t been playing sick to get a chance to sync up my computers — whatever I have is making me sniffle, speak about an octave lower than normal, drink gallons of orange juice, and listen to Madonna CDs. You don’t want what I have, and neither do the people I work with.

Unison Background

For a long time, I’ve been intending to install Unison for syncing my electronics project files (entire hierarchies, actually) across the different computers I use. Now I’ve actually done it.