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Voron 2.4 Build — Bed Mesh Leveling Part 1: Correct Configuration

Sunday, September 18th, 2022

The Voron community comes across as antagonistic about a number of issues, one of which is: If your build surface is perfectly flat, there’s no need for bed mesh leveling!

Well, if your build surface is perfectly flat, good for you.

Even then, it would be more accurate to say that if your Voron 2.4 build surface is perfectly flat, the Voron is intrinsically incapable of using bed mesh leveling to improve it. (The Voron 2.4 levels the gantry to be parallel to the build surface by probing near the four corners. If the plane of the build surface isn’t square to the vertical members of the frame, the Voron has no way of determining that it’s always going to print non-rectangular parallelograms in the X-Z and/or Y-Z planes. But I digress.)

parts 3D printed without and with bed mesh leveling

My aluminum heat spreader is not perfectly flat because it came in a kit from Fysetc rather than from a milling machine with a fly cutter; and my Voron 2.4 benefits tremendously from bed mesh leveling. (Above, without; below, with.)

To take my mesh to the next level, it’ll help to get the bed mesh configuration correct. The provided configuration is a useful starting point but can be improved significantly.


Voron 2.4 Build — Z Limit Switch Y Position

Tuesday, September 13th, 2022

The Voron 2.4 has a Z home switch off the back end of the build plate with a steel pin on top. The hot nozzle tip can press the steel pin without melting anything; so once you calibrate the height offset between the switch’s trigger point and the surface of your build sheet, you have absolute repeatable positioning of the height of the tip above your build surface. As long as you never ever change to a different build surface.

Voron 2.4 Z limit switch

If, on the other hand, the Z pin is positioned further back than the tip of the nozzle can travel and the hotend’s silicone sock is pressing the Z pin, results may vary from minute to minute. Literally.