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Blue 3D-Printing Build Surfaces Are Great

Thursday, January 7th, 2021

Creality CR-10 Mini 3D printer with print

I am loving this slightly-textured build surface. ABS sticks to it well enough not to peel even without an enclosure, and PLA works great, too. The texture is just enough to make the bottom of a print blend in with the other faces. So far it’s providing so much better results than my Prusa PEI spring steel sheet that I’m on the verge of ordering a clone spring steel sheet and covering it with this.

You can find them on Amazon by searching for “blue 3D printing build surface” (or just “3D printing build surface”) and scrolling through the inevitable irrelevant Amazon results until you find the offerings from Chinese companies named <random letter> <random letter> <random English word>.

And, er, I bought a secondhand Creality CR-10 Mini (300 mm x 220 mm build area) to be able to print something a little longer than my Prusa can do.