My Projects and To-Dos

Things to work on:

Phill’s graduation present

  • find Fahrenheit docs
  • solder up LEDs, capacitors, and resistors
  • assemble kit
  • deliver
  • draw sample schematics

Steve Atwood’s broken LogoChip board

  • test and blog board

LED clock

  • order 16-bit LED driver
  • play with driver and software
  • fix UART receive code
  • export HH: board to FreePCB, lay out, and take to Tom
  • build HH: board
  • design and produce controller daughterboard
  • order A6276es
  • lay out and produce MM: and SS boards
  • demo LEDs to Jeremy

TechArt Wichita

  • central authentication?
  • install mailing list software
  • set up mailing list
  • install blog software
  • set up blog

stepper motors

  • order power resistors
  • test power resistors
  • order more power resistors
  • create 75xxx in EAGLE
  • design motor driver PCBs


  • draw power PCB schematic and post
  • fix Roomba Scheduler

color matcher

  • order LEDs
  • order 16-bit Allegro drivers
  • document/blog LEDs
  • order CdS cells


  • order Fahrenheit sensors
  • order LCD
  • plan UI

amplifier power center

  • get case
  • get receps
  • breadboard LM1881 for video signal detection

Project Ideas

audio triangulator: small board like SRF05 to listen with two mikes and estimate the direction of a noise source

glowing flowers with plexiglas petals

power supply daughterboard to take different power sources, regulate, and plug into breadboard power rails

electronic Othello/Reversi game