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Buying and Assessing a Crumar T2 Organ

Sunday, November 29th, 2009

I’ve been looking for a lighter-weight alternative to my Hammond — something practical to set up and take down at home for practice, as well as to take to jam sessions and the like. And when I say an alternative, I already had my heart set on a Crumar T2 from way back in 1978. I have several Crumar synths, so I have a soft spot for the company; and I have a T1 organ and knew I was satisfied with the drawbars and Hammond-like sound. I just needed the T2 for the the dual manuals (keyboards).

Crumar T2 Hammond organ clone

I recently bought this on eBay for $255 purchase plus $185 shipping — at about 100 lbs, I don’t think I was overcharged for shipping. It’s still only a quarter the size and weight of my Hammond, so it’s all good. Like all Crumars, the keyboard is built into the bottom half of a hardcase with a lift-off top and very rugged handles, making transport easy possible.

This is the first of a (hopefully only) three-part set on evaluating what I got and bringing it back up to perfect usable operating condition.


Rutgers Student’s CupCaked Robot Chassis

Monday, November 23rd, 2009

Rutgers student's RepRapBot Mrk II

Being able to do things like this is why I bought a CupCake. via Make